Transplanting has begun at Busy Bee Nursery

I’m happy to report that the seeds are germinating well and the plants are growing nicely! This weekend we started transplanting some of the young sprouts into larger containers. The transplants include wild blue indigo (aka false wild indigo), butterflyweed, New England asters, and smooth asters. All of these are native wildflowers that honey bees, native bees, and other native pollinators will use.

We have several other species that have germinated, but aren’t big enough to transplant yet. Wildflowers can grow very slow when they first germinate so it may be a few weeks before some of those seedlings will be ready to transplant. Also, even when you plant a bunch of seeds of the same species at the same time, they won’t all germinate or grow at the same rate. I still have indigos that are just beginning to sprout and quite a few asters that are too small to transplant.

In addition, we still have a few more seeds to plant. This week we’re planning to start some prairie clover and rough sunflower seeds as well as a couple of other species. I’m very excited about everything it looks like we’ll be able to offer through Busy Bee Nursery this year.

A few of the native wildflowers we are growing for Busy Bee Nursery’s 2017 season.

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