Overwintered Transplants Taking Off

Maximillian sunflowers are one of our native sunflowers. Honey bees and native bees love them. Photo credit: Krista Lundgren/USFWS

Last fall, I transplanted some of the plants I had started in the spring up to 1 gallon containers to overwinter. Many of those plants are already coming back and are spreading. Most perennial wildflowers begin blooming their second season so these overwintered plants will likely bloom this year. Maximillian sunflower, lance-leaved coreopsis, and blue lobelia are just a few examples of overwintered plants that I know we will have available. I’m pretty sure we’ll have quite a few more overwintered species but they are a little slower to break dormancy in the spring so I’m waiting before announcing them.

One of our overwintered Maximillian sunflowers. It is already spreading in the container.

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