First Signs of Spring

~ Grassy Roads Farm Life ~   It may only be mid-February, but the first hints of spring are showing up in force at the farm. The spring peepers have been calling the last few nights as I put the ducks up, which has been a nice distraction because the […]

Red maples

~ Plant Highlight ~   February is a busy month in Kentucky. Regardless of what the groundhog says, it is the transition between winter and spring. It is when we are most likely to have our major snow and ice storms, often right before or after a string of spring-like […]

Include a Mason Bee House on Your Property

~ Tips for Attracting Pollinators and Wildlife ~   You don’t have to be a beekeeper to provide a home for bees on your property. Mason bees are a group of bees native to the U.S. They are important pollinators that nest in hollow grasses and other tubes. Mason bees […]

Announcing 2018 Plant List – Now Taking Pre-orders

~ Grassy Roads Farm Life ~   The initial 2018 plant list is now available! I consider this a tentative list and may decide to add additional plants as the season goes along or may have to pull some plants due to unforeseen circumstances like poor germination. You can always […]

Butterfly Milkweed

~ Plant Highlight ~   Butterfly milkweed (Asclepias tuberosa) is one of several milkweed species native to Kentucky and the eastern U.S. It is a perennial and relatively easy to identify because it is our only orange milkweed. Unlike other milkweed species, this one lacks the characteristic milky sap. Butterfly […]

Plant in Mass to Attract Pollinators

~ Tips for Attracting Pollinators and Wildlife ~ Pollinators are more attracted to clumps of the same type of flower, than to individual flowers. One, it’s easier to see the clumps from a distance as the pollinator is flying around. Two, it is more efficient for the pollinator to work […]

Making and Testing a New Waterer

~ Grassy Roads Farm Life ~ One of the many things I have been thinking about lately is figuring out a different way to water the ducks. I have been giving them open tubs of water, which they quickly turn into bath water, as well as, drinking water. Not only […]

American Beech

~ Plant Highlight ~ The American beech (Fagus grandifolia) is a tall, deciduous tree that is native to the eastern U.S. It is the only beech tree native to North America. Other beech species are native to Europe and are sometimes planted as ornamentals. However, when most people in the […]

Avoid Planting Invasive Species

~ Tips for Attracting Pollinators and Wildlife ~ Invasive species are species that are not native to an area, but once introduced to an area can spread rapidly and crowd out other species. Not all non-native species are invasive, but some are and those species can cause significant ecological damage. […]

Making Plans: Ducks

~ Grassy Roads Farm Life ~   Cold winter days seem like the perfect time for planning things to do around the farm and in our yards once it warms up. We all seem to do it. Some of us pour over seed catalogs while planning our dream gardens. Others […]

Henbit and Deadnettle

~ Plant Highlight ~   In March, backyards and fields can turn purple when viewed from a distance. The source of this purple hue are species in the genus Lamium. Our most common Lamium species are purple deadnettle (L. purpureum), henbit deadnettle (L. amplexicaule), and henbit (L. maculatum). Henbits and […]

Provide Pollinators with 3 Seasons of Blooms

~ Tips for Attracting Pollinators and Wildlife ~ When planting for pollinators, try to incorporate at least three different types of plants that bloom in each of the three growing seasons (spring, summer, and fall). In Kentucky and much of the surrounding region, the growing season typically begins sometime in […]

Snow Days on the Farm

~ Grassy Roads Farm Life ~ The story of the week can be summed up in one word – snow. We woke up on Jan. 13, approximately 3 inches of snow. A good deal of that melted / compacted before the storm that was originally predicted to bring “little additional […]


~ Plant Highlight ~ Several species of chickweeds (Stellaria spp.) can be found in Kentucky and the surrounding states. The most common species are common chickweed (S. media) and star chickweed (S. pubera). Common chickweed is an exotic introduced from Europe. It is commonly found in yards and other disturbed […]

Do a Soil Test

~ Tips for Attracting Pollinators and Wildlife ~ A soil test is an inexpensive and valuable investment when planting for pollinators and wildlife. Basic soil tests will tell you the pH of your soil and the availability of potassium, phosphorus, calcium, magnesium, and zinc. This is important information to know […]

Round 1 – Honey Bees: 3, Jack Frost: 1

Grassy Roads Farm Life Being a farmer is tough. No matter what the weather is like or how crappy you feel, you have to take care of your animals. Recently we went for almost three weeks where the temperatures never got above freezing. We’ve enjoyed a brief warm-up, but now […]


Plant Highlight Coralberry (Symphoricarpos orbiculatus) is a deciduous shrub that is native to most of the eastern half of the U.S. It typically grows 2-4 feet tall and is most commonly found in semi-open woods. Coralberry blooms during the summer, but the flowers are not very showy and are often […]

Different Types of Food for Different Types of Birds

Tips for Attracting Pollinators and Wildlife Many people enjoy feeding the birds, especially during the winter. It is a great way to attract birds to your home and to an area where you can easily watch them. The types of birds that come to your feeders will depend partly on […]

New Changes for the New Year

As the first week of 2018 draws to a close, I’m really excited about all of the promises this year holds. Some of those promises are directly related to Grassy Roads Farm and Busy Bee Nursery & Consulting; others are more tangential. The first exciting change is that effective January […]

The Baby Ducks are 2-months Old!

It’s hard to believe that only 2 months ago we introduced our baby ducks as the newest members of the Grassy Roads family. In those 2 months, the baby ducks have grown up. One even achieved a little bit of flight this weekend when I was cleaning out their house […]