01_duckWe raise Muscovy ducks and sell their eggs. Our ducks spend all day foraging on pasture. They eat grass, dandelion leaves, other plants, bugs, worms, and anything else that catches their fancy. We provide them with a small amount of supplemental, non-medicated feed, but that is only to ensure they have access to all of the nutrients they need. Most of what they eat is from the pasture.

At night, we put the ducks up in a mobile coop that we built to protect them from the farm’s many owls, raccoons, and other nocturnal predators. We get up every morning at sunrise to let the ducks out again. The pasture fencing and coop are all movable and every few days we move everything to a new part of the farm to give the ducks fresh pasture to graze.

01_movingWe sell our duck eggs locally. They are usually available from April through October. Ducks and chickens naturally stop laying and will begin to molt during the shorter fall days. Many farmers provide their egg laying birds with supplemental light during the winter so the birds will continue laying. We choose not to do that. We allow our ducks to go through a full molt and have a natural break during the winter even though that means a few months without eggs.

We are often asked how duck eggs compare to chicken eggs. Check out our FAQ for the answers to many of these frequently asked questions. Contact us if you are in the Barren or Warren county area and are interested in purchasing our eggs.

Visit our Photo Albums if you would like to see more pictures of our ducks.