02_honey bee asterWe specialize in plants that are good for honey bees, native pollinators, and wildlife conservation. The majority of our plants are native to Kentucky. However, there are many plants that aren’t native, aren’t invasive or otherwise harmful to the local environment, and are good for pollinators and wildlife. We offer some of those as well.

We grow all of our perennials and bushes from seeds. For the native plants, we use seeds sourced from Kentucky whenever possible. When we can’t get seeds with Kentucky genetics, we get the seeds from as close as possible. By using Kentucky seeds, we are promoting the state’s local genotypes and ecotypes. These are seeds that are adapted to the specific soils and other conditions of the region. To learn more about why this is important, check out this publication by the Natural Resources Conservation Service.

We don’t use herbicides or pesticides on any of our plants. Even organic and homemade products can be harmful to pollinators which defeats the purpose of growing plants for them. The result is that some of our plants have holes in their leaves. The plants are still healthy and the holes just prove that we aren’t spraying them with anything. In fact, some of the plants we grow, like milkweeds, are host plants for caterpillars. Yes, butterflies may drink the flowers’ nectar, but the most important role these plants serve for pollinators is as food for the caterpillars that will eventually turn into the butterflies we enjoy watching.

01_logoWe currently do not ship our plants. We sell our plants by appointment direct from our farm. Because we live on our farm and this is our home, we ask that you please contact us or call (270) 202-2298 to arrange a time to visit our nursery.

Below are the plants that we are currently growing. Each image is linked to a page that provides detailed information about the plant.


Plants for the 2017 Season