Busy Bee(keepers) in the Beeyard

While the calendar may say it is still winter, the plants and honey bees are whispering a different story. The plants are blooming and many things seem to be a couple of weeks early. With so much blooming, the bees have been busily bringing in pollen and/or nectar for over a month. We even have some newly capped honey from the maples. Not enough to harvest, but still exciting. Even the cold snap over the last few days hasn’t stopped the bees from flying most days. I think it is because there is so much blooming.

All this activity, has kept us busy too. Over the last few weeks we have reversed the brood boxes (twice for one of our hives) and checked on the honey stores in our two main hives. We also transferred a swarm that we caught in a bait hive last year into a new hive. We had planned to transfer the bees into a new hive last summer, but life went crazy and we didn’t have a chance to do the transfer. We thought for sure the bees would die over the winter. But they didn’t! We took advantage of the warm weather last week to transfer the bees into a new hive. It looks like a good, strong colony and we’re excited to see how they do this summer.

Getting ready to do the transfer. The bait hive that the bees overwintered in is sitting on the cinder blocks with part of the bees’ new hive sitting next to the bait hive. The night before we had moved the bait hive out of the tree where it had been since June and onto the cinder blocks. The grass is hanging over the front of the bait hive to signal to the bees that something had changed and hopefully get them to re-orient to the new location.

New video of the last bees marching from the bait hive into the new hive after we transferred the queen, comb, and most of the other bees into the new hive.

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