Anthony’s Story

03_ducksAnthony has a bachelor’s degree in wildlife biology from Murray State University and is pursuing a master’s degree in agriculture from Western Kentucky University. He has worked in a variety of fields including wildlife biology, environmental education, agriculture, and aquaculture. He is also a graduate of the University of Tennessee Extension Service Master Meat Goat Producer program and is well versed in small stock care and rotational browsing. Currently his farming focus has been pastured duck egg production and honey bees.

Anthony is also a hunter, trapper, and wildlife artist. His artwork focuses on carvings based on traditional decoys used for hunting waterfowl and shorebirds (historically) and for darkhouse spearfishing. His waterfowl decoys include both cork decoys and canvas decoys. He uses recycled materials and reclaimed wood whenever possible. Visit our Photo Albums or his Wood Ducks and More Facebook page to see examples of his artwork.

03_canoeAnthony enjoys spending time on the farm caring for the ducks and bees, along with propagating native plants for pollinators and wildlife conservation. Improving the land for wildlife is one of his main goals. In the future he hopes to implement a rotational grazing/browsing plan that includes cattle, sheep, ducks, and hogs to renovate and improve the pastures.